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You recently on a holiday visit to Italy. Your new hi-tech digital video camera was your travelling companion. Well – maybe your lady and kids too. However, with this trip you really push the button. You go bananas along with your new toy and instruct your surroundings to behave equally as you want them on your widescreen home. That was fun – so you arrive home with five full hours of DV-tape, able to share every one of the fun together with your family, friends and neighbours. You connect the camera to the TV, and you are prepared to roll.

But, how are you affected? After 5 minutes, you sense the initial sign of something terrible. Are they bored? How is that possible? With so enjoyable and action on screen? I think I saw one yawning. Still – there is four more tapes…

You have just learned a lesson. Lesson number 1: Edit your tapes. The raw material is only interesting for that participants. You need to learn how to cut. In fact, you have to cut on the bone.

Here's the thumb rule: The final technique is never – Never – greater than 1/20th of one's raw footage. In other words: One hour of raw video becomes 3 minutes of final product.

That sounds easy. However, if you never tried this, you have for a amaze. It is so hard, to ignore all those excellent recordings you get. It will put your self-control on a considerable test.

The reward, though, is undisputable. The audience is yours – up to you. They will obtain more. They will pat yourself the back using a job well done. Oh happy day!

Ok – maybe you have to learn some more tricks before you announce yourself the new Spielberg. Nevertheless, happen to be on the right path.

As a music video producer, I can offer you one more tip right this moment. Carry out and experiment in making music videos. Its fun which is the ultimate method of video editing. When you have almost any issues with regards to where and also the way to employ, it is possible to email us in our page. You start with the sound file and add the recording clips, adjusted for the mood and rhythm. You have a restricted length to utilize; witch provides you with valuable editing practise.

Have fun, please remember to use simple and easy , user-friendly editing software.

Svein Farovig