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Angelica and Cleopatra looked at the guys with parted mouths, unable to squeeze out a return greeting.

“Girls, thanks for the company,” Prince Vladik nodded goodbye, hugging his

polished boyfriend around the waist

“We are going to hang out at the Blue Lagoon,” Denis added. Maybe we'll meet in Las Vegas.

You have a phone number.

Cinderella laughed out loud and waved her hand to the princes:

“Adyu, see you, boys,” and immediately, without wasting time, fluttered carelessly poker to the old man.

He broke into a smile of happiness.

The sisters, dumbfounded, looked at their mother. Mother recoiled from Cinderella, who sat down next to her, and with eyes round with horror, barked:

- Waiter, some vodka for me!


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