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As true enthusiasts of food and wine from Spain, we are delighted to see that the world is following suit in celebrating the beauty of the Pig. Not only is pork belly proudly featured in today’s hottest restaurants, but Spain's national treasure “Jamón Ibérico” is finally finding its way into households all around the globe, just like Tempranillo, Spain’s signature red grape. DELICIOSO Tempranillo is juicy and jammy, yet well structured and balanced. Aromas of ripe raspberry, plum, and licorice lead the way to a velvety tasting experience with a solid finish. Ideal to pair with pasta, chicken dishes, and anything you’d like to throw on the barbecue.

DELICIOSO is a brand developed by VINAMERICAS in partnership with Bodegas San Antonio Abad, a small winery located in the province of Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, owned and operated by 450 families that together harvest over 2,000 hectares of vineyards in the La Mancha appellation. San Antonio Abad is a classic example of how people can benefit from working together to achieve quality and scale that would have been unthinkable outside of the coop model. San Antonio Abad is one of the very few wineries in Spain (and the world) using flash-détente, a rather sophisticated fermentation technology that yields fresh, fruit-forward wines increasing extraction from red grapes while minimizing bitter seed tannin and pyrazine (vegetal) odors.



Extreme continental climate, ranging from the 5ºF in the winter to 115ºF in the summer. Dryness is one of its most distinct characteristics, since its micro-climate prevents the entry of moist winds, presenting a low rainfall (300 to 400 mm per year), thus La Mancha is primarily a dry flat, farming plateau with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year that yield beautifully-ripened fruit.



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