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With a commitment to quality and a focus on sustainable viticulture, Sara Selections has gained recognition for producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. The winery places a strong emphasis on sustainable farming practices. They prioritize organic and biodynamic methods, ensuring that their vineyards thrive in balance with nature. By promoting biodiversity and preserving the land's natural resources, Sarah Selections is dedicated to producing wines that are not only of exceptional quality but also environmentally friendly.


The winemaking team at Sarah Selections employs a combination of traditional and modern techniques to craft their wines. With a meticulous approach to grape selection and gentle handling during the winemaking process, they strive to capture the true essence of each grape variety. This careful attention to detail results in wines that exhibit complexity, depth, and a true expression of the Navarra region.


Sarah Selection Wines offers a diverse portfolio of wines, ranging from refreshing white wines to elegant reds and delightful rosés. Their white wines, often made from grapes Chardonnay, Viura, and White Grenache display crisp acidity and vibrant fruit flavors. The red wines, crafted from old-vine Garnacha, exhibit rich aromas, velvety textures, and a perfect balance of fruit and tannins.



Navarra is located right next to Rioja in northeastern Spain on the border with France, sandwiched between the Basque Country and Aragon.The earliest historical data on grape growing and wine production in Navarra dates from the 2nd century BC. In the Middle Ages, when Navarre was a powerful independent kingdom with close ties to France, viticulture prospered, partly due to the demand from the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. The climate in Navarra is continental (long, hot, dry summers and cold winters) and the soils in the southern part of the region, where most vineyards are located, are dry, sandy plains on the right bank of the river Ebro.



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