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Founded in 1890, Bodegas Manzanos is one of the fastest growing wine groups in Spain and Rioja's third-largest vineyard owner with nearly 300 hectares planted. The Fernández de Manzanos family owns two wineries in Rioja, including the emblematic and oldest winery of the appellation in Haro and their contemporary winery in Azagra, both using gravity as the principle of architecture for elaboration. Currently run by the family's fifth generation, Bodegas Manzanos is an example of dedication, perseverance, and success, all led by impeccable winemaking and world-class business practices.


All SIGLO wines are made using grapes from the Manzanos' family vineyards in Rioja ranging from 25 to 70+ years old. Tempranillo is the dominant grape varietal, but Garnacha and Graciano are also used in the Reserva and Gran Reserva to maximize their longevity. All wines are aged in 225-liter oak barrels, mostly French (but also American) rotated every 3 years so that a third of the barrels are brand new, another third used for the second time, and the rest used for the third and final time before being replaced.


The brand SIGLO was the first RIOJA to be exported to America in the early 1900's. Its famous burlap was initially used to protect the bottle against breakage and temperature changes.  Today, the burlap ("saco" in Spanish) still serves its purpose and continues being placed by hand at the bottling line in collaboration with ASPRODEMA, a local non-profit association dedicated to finding employment for developmentally challenged adults.



Spain’s  best known wine producing region. The Oja river (Rio Oja) is believed to have given the region its name. Rioja was the first region in Spain to be awarded the highest DOCa (Denominacion de Origen Calificada) category, due to its proven record in consistently producing top-quality wines. Rioja is divided into three SUBREGIONS: Rioja Baja, Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa. Rioja Baja's climate is warmer and the soils sandier, yielding more alcoholic wines with greater concentration. Rioja Alta has higher elevation and colder weather and is mostly located south of the Ebro river. Rioja Alavesa is the smallest subregion and is exclusively located north of the Ebro river in the provice of Alava (Basque Country).